ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System - Specifications

A food safety management system provide trust to customers and consumers about the companies Commitment and its capability to manage the food safety related risks.

The ISO 22000 series of standards standard has been developed with a collaborative efforts of ISO (International Organization for standardization) and experts from different food industry along with representatives of specialized international organizations, International Standards Institutions and in close cooperation with the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the body jointly established by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) to develop food standards.


  • Customers are benefited as they receive products & services conforming to requirements.
  • Owners & investors benefit by increased return on investment, improved operational results, increased market share, increased profile.
  • People in the organization benefit through better working conditions, increased job satisfaction helps maintaining high morale.
  • Society benefits through fulfillment of legal and regulatory requirements, improved health and safety, reduced environmental impact.